Different Types of Cardio

No matter what your fitness goal may be, cardio is necessary for just about every goal. Want to get lean? Cardio is your answer. What to bulk up? Cardio is a must. Cardio burns calories, which obviously helps with weight loss. And different cardio workouts can also help work different muscle groups, building up those areas and strengthening the muscles. Plus, losing the extra layer of fat from the cardio, will uncover and show off your muscles better.

You may build muscle simply with strength training workouts, but it will be harder to maintain your lean and toned figure. If you want to get and stay in shape, cardio is needed. But some people don’t enjoy cardio, and we get that. At MPowered Bootcamps, we lead workouts that are fun, challenging, and combine cardio exercises with strength training, giving you a great full body workout that is beneficial.



According to LiveStrong.com, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends that people get a cardio workout at least three days a week. A highly intense workout for 20 minutes, three days a week or a less intense cardio workout for 30 minutes a day, for five days a week can keep you in good health and help you stay in shape. You can always add more time to these recommendations to get in better shape and reach your fitness goals faster.


You may not thinking cardio is the most entertaining or fun form of workout, but it is extremely important when trying to work toward your fitness goal. When people hear the word cardio, many think running, but cardio workouts can include a wide variety of different activities and workouts. With so many options, you should be able to find one that you enjoy, or can pretend to enjoy. This blog will go over some of the different cardio workouts, mix it up and keep it interesting!



Although, a majority of people hate running, it is a great cardio workout that you can literally do anywhere. Running can burn about 600 calories per hour and help you improve your cardiovascular endurance. This high-intensity cardio workout can burn a large number of calories, helping you to lose weight. Running also stimulates the metabolic rate for a long period after the workout, allowing you to continue burning calories.


The muscles that are worked while running include:

  • Hip flexors
  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps
  • Gastrocnemius and soleus


The arm motion that occurs when running helps burn additional calories, allowing you to do more with your workout. Running may not be fun, but it can be very beneficial. Run on a treadmill or get outside and run through new places. If you have pain in your knees or hips, you may want to try a different cardio workout, due to running’s high-impact nature.



If you are new in the fitness game, you may want to start out with a less intense form of cardio workout. Walking is another great way to get a your daily dose of cardio, but it is also thought to be the less effective. But if all other cardio workouts sound too challenging, walking is always better than nothing.


Walking can burn around 300 to 400 calories per hour and is perfect for beginners or those suffering from an injury. But if you are not new to fitness and hope to lose weight, walking is not the best cardio option for you.


Your metabolism will only increase for about one to two hours after completing your workout, whereas with higher intensity cardio exercises, metabolism can be increased for over 24 hours.


Walking is not the best cardio workout, but it is a good option for fitness newbies, people recovering from injury, or for people who skipped their workout. Walking is better than nothing!



Getting a total body workout is always a plus. Rowing on a machine gives you a high-intensity, full-body workout, that burns about 840 calories per hour. Rowing is a fantastic way to get a good cardio workout. It is lower impact than running and works many different muscle groups in the body.

This workout is beneficial because it burns more calories than other common forms of cardio, while working the whole body and being low impact. If you suffer from sore joints or have problems in your knees and hips but want a great cardio workout, give rowing a try, you will be surprised at how hard you have to work.



Cycling is another great cardio workout. It uses the same muscle as running, but with less impact, making it a great exercise. When cycling, the intensity can be changed, making the workout more challenging or allowing you to take a break.


Like running, cycling can either be done on a stationary bike or on the road, both are equally decent workouts and can get you burning calories. Because the resistance can be change, HIIT is easy to do when cycling. The intensity of this cardio activity will help you rid yourself of body fat, at a low impact.


Jumping Rope

Surprisingly, jumping rope is a great cardio workout. But like running, it is high impact which makes it less ideal for those with knee or hip pains. If done correctly, jumping rope can burn about 1,000 calories per hour.


Jumping rope for exercise is not the same as when you were a kid. To do this, you must jump rope correctly to get the most out of a workout. To learn different jumping rope techniques, follow these workout tips from Men’s Fitness.


Jumping rope works your shoulders and calves and can help add definition to these areas. Although high impact, jumping rope burns a high number of calories and can help improve explosive strength, stamina, and speed. If you are looking for a quick workout that gives you great benefits, give jumping rope a chance!


Becuase it is a high-impact workout, it should not be used too regularly for long periods of time, it is a great workout to use to switch up your routine and work some different muscle groups. The high impact of jumping rope, however, can also help to prevent osteoporosis.

Add jumping rope to your mix of cardio workouts for a great, calorie burning, and challenging exercise. This workout could help you get in shape faster!



Like jumping rope, swimming for an exercise is much different than swimming as a kid. If you learn how to swim in swimming lessons, you know how challenging swimming laps can be. And like rowing, swimming is a total body workout.


Swimming can burn about 600 calories per hour and is low impact, allowing for your body to avoid injuries. In fact, swimming is the lowest impact cardio workout.


Using different strokes can help work different muscle groups. Swimming works all of the major muscle groups, making a total workout that is great for avoiding injury. When you change up the type of stroke you use can also help you burn a larger amount of calories. You can also improve your overall fitness performance by swimming, and stay in shape easier.


Running is one of the most popular forms of cardio exercises. But is it definitely not the only one. If you are sick of running or walking, try one of these different cardio workouts. If you want to get a fun, new, and challenging workout every time, sign up for MPowered Bootcamps. We offer great workouts the combine cardio and strength training for a great overall workout. Contact us today to get started!




Many of us make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, start working on our overall health, and get fit. But how often do we actually achieve those goals? How often do we obtain the fitness level we were hoping for? How are we supposed to make goals that are easier to achieve?

Making goals, especially when it comes to fitness, can be challenging. We know what we want, we know where we want to be, but we often do not think about the difficulty it will take to get there, like the time it will take or the amount of effort we must put in.

MPowered Bootcamps is a great way to achieve the goals you are hoping for, with a great community to motivate you, trainers to push you, and different workouts every time to keep you from getting bored.

We know that fitness can be a challenging thing to work into your schedule, but we also know that reaching your fitness goals is an amazing achievement. We love seeing our members inch closer to their goals. Achieving your goal is easier when you know how to make achievable goals. This list will help you make goals that you can achieve.



Everyone has heard of SMART goals, and if you haven’t then it is no wonder reaching your goals is challenging. SMART goals help you make more realistic goals, which in turn, helps you achieve those goals. SMART stands for:






Setting specific goals is just what it sounds like. Don’t say you just want to lose weight. Pick a certain amount of weight you want to lose, or a fitness achievement you want to achieve (ex: lifting more weight, running a mile fast, finishing a workout with no breaks).

Measurable goals mean, simply, that you can measure your results. This could be pounds you’ve lost, inches gone around your waist, or even the time it takes you to run a mile.

Keep yourself accountable, or have someone else keep you accountable. It will help you stay with your goals, and keep you working towards them.

When making goals, you want to make sure you can in fact achieve them. Don’t make a goal to lose 50 pounds in a month, that is unreasonable and potentially dangerous, depending on how you go about it. Make small goals to start, and once you achieve those, you can increase your goal.
Giving yourself a timeframe will help you stay motivated until the end; with no end in sight, you may lose motivation to stay on track. Setting a timeframe for reaching your goals will help you work to achieve your goals before you run out of time.

Don’t Cut Everything Out

Changing your diet and cutting out certain foods, while also staying on top of your fitness, will help you reach your goals quicker. Eating healthier can help you lose weight, increase your metabolism, and even give you more energy that can be used in your workouts.

With that being said, cutting out everything you love will just make you hate the whole dieting thing. Give yourself one cheat, whether it is a cookie once a week, or your super sugary latte that your can’t live without. Just remember that you will have to work harder to burn the extra sugar. So when dieting give yourself a cheat, but when you are about to devour that fluffy donut, think about how much it will take to burn it off.

Tell Others Your Goal

This kind of goes hand in hand with the A in SMART goals: Accountable. You must hold yourself accountable, but that can be difficult. But when others are keeping you accountable, you are more likely to work hard to prove yourself.

Keeping your goals to yourself makes it easy to simply quit working towards them. But when you tell your spouse that you will lose weight so you guys can go on your favorite hike again, they will keep you invested in your goal. If you tell your kids that you will work hard to increase you fitness leaves so that you can play in the yard with them, they will make you want to work harder.

At MPowered, we believe in building a community and who better to share your health and fitness goals than with your trainers or new workout buddies.


Take Small Steps

There are different ways you can stay active throughout the day, and while taking the stairs rather than the elevator doesn’t seem like a major step in your fitness goal, taking the stairs every day will add up in the end.

Biking to work, walking your dogs farther than usual, and not parking in the closest parking spot, are only a few of the things you can do throughout your day to stay active. Even if you can’t make it to the gym, these things will help you in the long run. So next time you are about to step onto the elevator, back up and take the stairs instead. Such a simple thing can make all the difference.

Write It Down

Writing down your goal, and keeping a record of your progress will help you see that you are, in fact, making progress. Seeing results will get you excited to keep working towards your goal, show you how close you are to achieving them, and if you falter, how far you have come. So write down everything, from the foods you ate that day to the type of activities you did.

Want It

Goals are great and all, but you must actually want what you are working for. If you don’t really care, you will make excuses, quit, and fail at your goals. You must want to get fit, you must want to achieve your goals. Want it more than you don’t want to get up and get started. That is the main key to achieve goals.

With these goal making tips, you should be able to make goal that you can actually achieve. Don’t expect too much from yourself, don’t make excuses for yourself, and stay working as long as you can muster, in the end you will be glad you did.

MPowered Bootcamps can help you achieve your goals with fun, different workouts that keep you working different areas of your body. Get started on your well planned fitness plans today, sign up for our bootcamps, or contact us!