Why MPowered?

Imagine yourself. You just signed up for a new gym membership. This is the year you finally get rid of that beer belly and tone your muscles, you are determined to get into a regular workout routine and go to the gym at least five times a week.

You walk into the gym on the first day to see muscle heads lifting equally fit girls like it is nothing, the weight area is taken up by bulky arms and no brains. The cardio machines are being used by the girls who obviously got all done up before hitting the gym, like they know they won’t be sweating.

This is not the type of gym experience you wanted, and not every gym is like this, but there is something even better than a gym that can keep you excited about your workouts while soaking in some valuable vitamin D. MPowered Bootcamps is the solution to your muscle head gym problem.

At MPowered Bootcamps, we strive to make working out and fitness fun, changing routines and keeping the workouts interesting.

Besides the fact that you won’t have to fight for the weights and machines, there are several other benefits to signing up for MPowered Bootcamps.

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If you love the outdoors but can’t find the time to spend your time outside, MPowered Bootcamps is for you. Our bootcamps are all outside in different locations all around the San Jose area, allowing you to soak in the beautiful sunshine and get a workout that has you feeling great afterwards. It is important to get sunlight to keep the vitamin D in your body. So spending time outside while working out is a healthy and beneficial way to get fit and stay healthy.

No Plateaus

Due to the fact that we are constantly changing our workout routines, you will never hit a plateau. We change our fitness routines up so often that you will never do the same one twice. We do this because we believe that a variety in workouts is the best way to see results and train your body.

Full Training

Our workouts aren’t featured around one area or type of training. We incorporate cardio, strength training, and high-intensity interval training into each workout, giving you great results and working your entire body. This is a great way to get in shape everywhere and not just focus on one area.

Group Bicep Curls


At MPowered Bootcamps, we understand that people are busy and it is hard to find time to hit the gym or get a good workout. That is why we offer several different classes at different locations throughout the day. So if you can’t make it to the early morning class, hopefully you can make it to one of our other classes! We are trying to make fitness easier and more entertaining for people who have busy schedules.


Not only do you get a great outdoor workout, you also become part of our community. We love our members, many of them become our friends. We hold events with our members—from attending a 5K and breakfast to wine nights, our members can enjoy becoming part of a new community, making new friends, and getting fit together.

At MPowered Bootcamps, we have one goal in mind. That is to help you enjoy fitness. We want to help you by offering you several locations, times, and a variety of workout types to get you the best workout every time. If this sounds better than waiting in line behind muscle heads who carry around their gallons of water and wear too tight of shirts, feel free to contact us and sign up today for our fitness bootcamps!


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