Nutrition Tips

We all have moments of weakness. We eat three cupcakes instead of one. We skip an entire week at the gym instead of just a day. We make excuses for why we are failing at keeping up with our goals. And soon enough we found ourselves further from our fitness goals then when we originally started.

Perhaps you have been making excuses for years, you don’t remember the last time you worked out and your gym clothes haven’t made it passed the couch in months. The more out of shape you get, the more difficult is it to get back in it. Remember that before your skip a week at the gym.

At MPowered Bootcamps, we understand that keeping up with your fitness goals can become challenging, especially when you aren’t seeing the results you want. But once you stop working toward your goals, it becomes that much more difficult to pick up where you left off.

If you have been slacking in the fitness world lately but know that it is time your start working toward being in shape and reaching your fitness goals again, this blog will discuss the best diet changes to make to help you get there quicker. Pair these tips with your daily workout and you should be able to reach your fitness goal quicker, although it will still be challenging.

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The Diet

To get back in shape as quickly as possible you will have to give yourself some dietary guidelines. So these are a few tips and tricks that can help you slim down fast and start getting back on track. Just remember, exercise is another important part of this formula.

Cut Down on Sugar

Sugar is a dangerous addiction that can really affect your weight, your mood, and your overall health. There are actually a TON of benefits to cutting down on sugar. You can learn more about the benefits, according to myfitnesspal, but here is the quick list of benefits from cutting down on sugar:

  1. Lowers blood pressure
  2. Lowers bad cholesterol
  3. Decreases risk of heart attacks
  4. Keeps the mind sharp
  5. Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia
  6. Reduces depression symptoms
  7. Helps break the addiction to sweets
  8. Helps skin look young
  9. Keeps skin clear
  10. Lowers risks of developing type 2 diabetes
  11. Prevents fatty liver disease
  12. Reduces risks of certain cancers

All these health benefits just from cutting back on sugar, who would’ve thought? Not only can cutting back help you slim down and get in shape, but you can add years to your life, feel happier, look better, and even help reduce your sugar addiction in the first place.

Change the Way You Eat

Not only should you change what you eat but also how. Eating smaller portions at a slower pace can help you dramatically slim down. You’d be amazing how much these miniscule steps can impact your weight.

You can use a smaller plate, so you don’t mindlessly start filling your large plate up until you can barely hold it with one hand. A smaller plate is an easy way to control the size of portions you are consuming.

Slowing down on eating can also help. You will feel full sooner from taking your time on your meal, which will also help you not eat as much. The only other rule is that you must stop eating once you feel full. Stop overeating, this will never help you get into shape.

Change What You Eat

Sugar is not the only dietary change you should make. Swap out your white bread, pasta, flour, and rice for wheat. This makes quite the difference. However, going gluten free is an even better way to slim down.

Add soup to your diet and cut out red meat. This may be challenging for many people, because who doesn’t like a good steak, but if you are serious about slimming down this will really help. Soup can be filling, flavorful, and a great way to cut down your weight. Try to eat soup a few times a week for the best and quickest results.


Try to avoid snacks as well. We all need our midday snack, but some snacks are just doing us no good. Have fruit, veggies, or Cheerios as a snack, and only a few! Overdoing snacks can hurt your dreams of slimming down.

If you have a bad habit of snacking while you watching TV, you may want to try to control your habits. If you must have a snack, pour yourself a small amount and do not bring the entire bag to the couch. If you sit down with a bag of chips to watch a few episodes of your favorite TV show, pretty soon the bag will be gone and your fitness goal flew right out the window. Limit your snack eating and try to choose healthier snack when you must snack.

If you follow these diet tips and incorporate exercise at least five times a week, you will be heading toward your fitness goal faster than you think! Don’t forget the exercise is a big part of this plan as well. If you need a good workout and people to do it with, sign up for MPowered Bootcamps. We offer many courses at different times and locations. See our schedule!



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